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These are testimonials from people I worked with, whether from my college, internship, part-time job on campus, or volunteer work. Let’s hear what they say.

Project: Washington Fair Trade Coalition website

“Gift was fantastic to work with! She built out a map of our website and then made a proposed map. We talked through all the steps and she delivered on updating pieces of the site, adding different features where necessary, removing old information. I met with her a couple times to express what we wanted and she did a fantastic job building that into a reality on the website. I appreciated her research and input requests throughout the project.”

Hillary Haden – Executive Director at Washington Fair Trade Coalition

Project: The Seattle Collegian website

“As Web Manager for the Seattle Collegian, Gift has truly lived up to her name. When we first made the offer of employment to her, we had not had the opportunity to meet in person due to the pandemic and the need to work remotely. As with many of the other staff members onboarded in 2020, it was hard to know what to expect or how Gift would fare learning the ropes from a distance, but I had high hopes that she would do well and find her rhythm.

Rather than exhibiting any signs of difficulty in adjusting to her role, Gift instead jumped right in and set the bar for the Web Manager position higher than any of her predecessors have managed to attain. Gift rose to the occasion and then shattered my expectations time and again, and I cannot extol her praises enough. She has proven herself to be talented, skilled, prepared, thorough, attentive, adaptable, considerate, reliable, communicative, responsible, professional, and an all-around pleasure to work with. She has a great attitude and a way of anticipating the needs of the organization before anyone else, a combination that has made her a more than welcome addition to our professional family. She has been nothing short of invaluable to me and to the functioning of our website, and I highly recommend her work without question or reservation.”

Astro Pittman – Editor-in-Chief at The Seattle Collegian

Project: Scoop Marketplace website

“Gift was there with me in the very first days of setting up Scoop Marketplace, a zero waste store in Seattle. She was literally helping to put the shop together on the day of her interview! With her passion for and dedication to sustainable living, and commitment to always exceed expectations, she was a joy to work with and a perfect fit for our organization! I am always amazed at the way that Gift recognizes what needs to be done and takes action before she has even been asked.

Not only did she come to me with suggested changes for the website, but often times she had already done the research, drawn out a proposed plan, and even created some drafts prior to presenting her plan to me, showing initiative, creativity, and great attention to details. At every twist and turn, she was there, adding innovative improvements to our website and using her problem solving skills to make it beautiful and user friendly. Gift is a positive presence on the team and a joy to work with. I am so thankful to have had her during our critical first year in business, and am certain that she will continue to excel on her web design path.”

Stephanie Lentz – Founder of Scoop Marketplace

At Seattle Central College

“As the Teaching Assistant at Seattle Central College, I had the pleasure of meeting Gift Homsaen during her Web Development degree program. Gift has demonstrated a strong understanding of Web Development and has done exceptionally well in both group settings and with personal projects. Gift’s eye for design is outstanding, well structured, and it’s clear she has an ability to communicate her objective to her users. Gift is a dedicated student and will no doubt be a valuable asset to any team. I would highly endorse her abilities and, if the opportunity arose, I would absolutely hire Gift myself.”

Danielle Coulter – Teaching Assistant at Seattle Central College