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Work with me

Work with me

I offer small biz & nonprofits web design, web development, web support, and a combination of those services! 

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Step #1: Explore my main services & pricing

*The service details below apply to WordPress websites only.

Web Development

You give me a web design mockup and brand assets and I build you a website/webpage accordingly.

Price range: $300 – $1000+/page depending on page length and complexity

*If any troubleshooting unrelated to web development is needed and disrupts the development process, it will be billed hourly ($50/hour).

Web Support

I provide a weekly ongoing web support including web maintenance & updates, web optimization, and small edits.

Price: $175/month (Work 1 hour/week for up to 4 hours/month)

Web maintenance & update includes:
– Back up website files
– Update themes, plugins, WordPress version, PHP version
– Troubleshooting issues that might occur
– Web documentation  

Web optimization includes:
– Optimize database tables
– Media optimization (compress, add alt text, etc.)
– Organize web elements and declutter unused ones

Small content edits/updates (if time allows):
– Edit texts, colors, attributes, sections, styles, etc.
– Change/upload images
– Small content organizing 

*If there’s any troubleshooting that extends beyond 4 hours/month, then it’s billed hourly ($50/hour).

Web Troubleshooting

For small fixes, try my free 40-minute WordPress Help Session. For complicated issues, fill out the details in the inquiry form.

For complicated issues, the rate is $75/hour

I can help you with:
– Website’s speed issue
– Lack of site security tools/practices
– Spam attack
– Tools integration
– Plugins organization
– Web layout fix
– Responsive design fix
– Install and configure plugins
– And more

Step #2: Fill out the inquiry form

I appreciate you taking some time to complete the form. This will help me understand your goals and website situation better. It might also save time when we get on a discovery call.

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    Step #3: Book a free discovery call

    Choose your desired date and time, fill out your details, select the option “30-min Discovery Call”, and submit. The meeting link will be emailed to you.

    Step #4: Get ready for the call!

    When it’s time for the discovery call, use the Zoom link sent to you when booking the call. And see you soon!