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About me

A web developer with a focus on sustainability

About me

A web developer with a focus on sustainability

My name is Gift, also known as Tanakan Homsaen. I’m a web developer adopting sustainable web design. I build websites and provide web support for small businesses and nonprofits that care about people and the planet. 
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- 2018 -

Came from Thailand with a hospitality background

I was born and raised in Thailand. When I was young, I was fortunate to learn English more intensely than other kids and became so inspired to travel the world. My bachelor’s degree was in airline business management and I joined Lufthansa as an airline ground agent.

Despite cheaper airplane tickets and multiple trips abroad while working there, I left after two years due to unhealthy working conditions. Then I went to Melbourne, Australia, to work as a kitchen staff for a year. This journey made me love living in a multicultural environment. 

I moved to the US in 2018 with hopes and dreams of getting a better education and living in a multicultural environment that I love. I enrolled in the University of Washington’s certificate program, Global Business.

- 2019 -

Adopted low-waste lifestyle & discovered the joy of website creation

However, the more I studied how to run a business globally, the sadder I felt about how infinite business expansion and growth affect the environment through over-consumerism. Then I discovered low-waste living and the economics around it on social media. It gave me hope again.

During my internship year, I joined Scoop Marketplace, Seattle’s first zero-waste store, as a sales associate staff. I started adopting low-waste living. I met people who care about the same things: the well-being of the planet, people, and the local economy. Besides, I got to manage the store’s website and found my passion in the website creation world. 

- 2020 - present -

Discovered sustainable web design and went all in

I continued my education in Web Development at Seattle Central College and hoped to serve clients in the sustainability space with website needs. After graduation, I stumbled upon sustainable web design, which became my perfect career path. It’s a combination of art, craft, logic, and sustainability. 

Sustainable web design is all about designing a website that is lightweight, well-optimized, efficient, and accessible to all users. It means the website needs less electricity and resources to run. Thus, it emits fewer carbon footprints to the environment. 

After experimenting with some design practices and getting great results for myself, I applied them to my clients and volunteer projects. Sharing my work processes online also helped attract more clients with similar values whom I’m honored to work with. Explore my past projects here.

I strongly believe that web sustainability should be a fundamental aspect of every website. This isn’t only beneficial for the planet; it also enhances web performance, user experience, and accessibility—a true win-win.

My work values & principles

The values I hold when working with clients and on website projects are simplicity, clarity, and efficiency. All these qualities lead to work and project sustainability.


When things are simple, they’re easy to operate and understand. I love building a website with simplicity in mind to create ease of use for a user. It’s also easier and less time-consuming to maintain and update the website.


When communication is clear, it’s easy to proceed forward. I prioritize clear communication over beauty or aesthetics. This applies to all kinds of communication throughout a project lifecycle or an ongoing partnership, such as proposals, web guides, emails, etc.


When things are simple and have a clean structure, they take up less space and are easier to manage and maintain. I focus on keeping essential tools and resources on a website and discard the rest. Thus, the website becomes lean and efficient.

My short-term & long-term goals

At the moment, I want to serve more clients who need a website/web page built out, get ongoing web support, or get help troubleshooting web issues. My specialty centers around WordPress and I’m open and willing to support other web platform users as well. 

Ultimately, my goal as a sustainability-focused web developer is to share my web development and web support frameworks with small businesses and nonprofits in the form of a mini course or a guide. 

The frameworks will be about how to build a website that is easy to update and maintain, how to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, and how to troubleshoot web issues. Basically, I want to share how to do my work when they’re not ready to hire a developer or wish to care for the site themselves.

My life outside of work

All work aside, I enjoy living in Sammamish, Washington with my husband and two cats. I love to go running around the neighborhood. Also, I’m improving my storytelling skills in Thai by making YouTube videos about my interests, career, and lifestyle in America.

If you share the same values and are interested in working with me, see my offers and book a discovery call with me here