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Hi! My name is Gift. ​

Hi! My name is Gift.

I’m a web developer focusing on building lightweight websites & providing web support for sustainability-focused small biz & nonprofits. I’m also a runner and a mom to my long tuxedo cat, Floofy.

Image: Gift - Web Developer

WordPress Web Services

Web Development

You give me a web design mockup and brand assets and I build you a website/webpage accordingly.

Web Support

I provide a weekly ongoing web support including web maintenance & updates, web optimization, and small edits.

Web Troubleshooting

For small fixes, try my free 40-minute WordPress Help Session. For complicated issues, fill out the details in the inquiry form.

⁕ Web Platforms I use ⁕

While my web development journey has centered around WordPress, I’m excited and confident to extend my skills to serve users of other web platforms with the same dedication and excellence. Reach out if you need website help even if your website is not on WordPress!

It's fun working on these projects!

These are some of my past and current projects that demonstrate my skills in web development and web support.

Cheryl Marlene

I designed and built the homepage based on the web copy and turned it into a template that Cheryl can apply to other parts of her website.
Learn more | View website​

Zero Waste San Diego

I built the website based on a provided mockup and have been providing web support.
Learn more | View website​

The Green Marketing Academy

I built the website based on a provided mockup and have been providing web support.
Learn more | View website​

Repair Economy WA Dev Site

I volunteered to improve the map’s functionality, make the website more user-friendly, and lightweight.
Learn more | View website​

I'm proud to partner with...

Menos Waste Logo
Washington Fair Trade Coalition logo

I adopt sustainable web design

Web sustainability should be a fundamental aspect of every website. This isn’t only beneficial for the planet; it also enhances web performance, user experience, and accessibility—a true win-win. I wrote more about this topic in my blog. 

If you’re new to sustainable web design, this is the right place to learn about it. In this article, you’ll get to know what sustainable web design is, why it matters, and how to create it.
Read more…

things you can do right now to make your WordPress website more sustainable. I also do these steps to improve my site’s sustainability and get great results.
Read more… 

You will learn about what each tool does, how it helps keep the site lightweight, and where you can get it. This is a living document that I keep updating as I learn and test them. 
Read more…

This is me outside of work

Runner 🏃‍♀️

There’s something about running that brings out the best in me. Every time I run, I become a better person. I started running routinely when I was in primary school. I ran on and off throughout adolescence and early adulthood. I overcame the runner’s itch after settling down in the US and rekindled my love for running.

I completed a half marathon and learned that I enjoy running for fun more than training for a race. These days, I run about three days a week, for three miles each time around the Sammamish neighborhood. Watch me run a half marathon. (*Video only available in Thai)

YouTuber 🎥

My main goal for starting the YouTube channel is to improve my communication skills in both Thai and English. I’m originally from Thailand and have lived around Seattle for over five years. Often, my language skills got mixed up; I speak Thai in English context, for instance. At times stumble so badly in Thai or have to translate my thoughts before speaking. It’s a mess and I want to fix it.

Therefore, I practice my skills by sharing my stories about work, lifestyle, and interests on YouTube. Most of my audience is family and friends and those who stumble upon my videos 😉 Visit my channel.

Cat Mom 🐈‍⬛

Cats have comforted my heart deeply since childhood and taught me to find peace even in the hardest times. During Covid, I swiped right on a guy, now my husband and one of the reasons was he has a cat. I wanted to reconnect with cats so badly especially when the world was forced to physically disconnect.

So, I got myself both; a good man and a good kitty. Then we adopted another male tuxedo cat, Floofy. He’s the sweetest and the longest cat we’ve ever had. Literally. He has such a long body. We take him out into the woods sometimes. I could tell he wants to go out every day.