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Gift - WordPress sustainable web developer

My name is Gift. I’m a WordPress web developer, who’s passionate about building lean, clean, and sustainable websites. I’m also a programming student at Seattle Central College and a web manager consultant at The Seattle Collegian, my school’s newspaper.

I created this blog because I want to share about:

Low-waste lifestyle – It’s a fun and inspiring way of life that also benefits the planet. I adopt this rule: refuse, reuse, repair, and recycle. My practices are far from perfect, but I discovered that what matters more is progress and consistency. Those will continue create powerful momentum to carry on in this sustainable journey. Read about how I planned my micro wedding. It will tell you a lot about me.

Eco-friendly web design – As a WordPress web developer and a minimalist, I’m learning to combine the two. I try to keep my websites lean and clean as much as possible, so they emit less carbon emissions. The good news is, the practices to improve a website’s performance and website’s sustainability go hand in hand. Meaning, sustainable web design principles won’t compromise the website’s performance. Instead, they benefit one another. There’s so much more to talk about on this topic. The best way to start is to read a brief introduction to sustainable web design. It won’t take you longer than a minute! Also, be sure to check out my journey of how I got into sustainable web design.

Arts & crafts – I enjoy making things from scratch, such as, baking, coffee/cocoa powder painting and writing. They keep me sane, healthy, and creative. I even found much more value in them during the lingering pandemic. Those activities make me alive again. My craftwork also reflects and incorporates well with my low-waste lifestyle. The secondhand books article is a good example.

I strive to create more awareness about sustainability in the real world and the online world, while the arts help me stay grounded. Have fun hanging in here! Don’t hesitate to send me messages, comments, or questions. I’ll be excited to hear from you.