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Wedding Diary: Letter to my guests about the souvenir (cashew nuts)

Cashew Nuts
Cashew Nuts

Dear my guests,

First of all, the cashew nuts are totally cooked (baked). They are ready to be enjoyed. This might come as a surprise for a lot of people because the nuts color is white. We baked them while they still had a thin skin on. That could be the reason why. In a nutshell, not only they are organic and sustainable, but they also have a long history worth sharing about.

My grandfather and his products

The cashew nuts are from my farm home, Suan Isan Kiew, in Thailand, founded by my legendary grandfather for more than 40 years ago. His name is Somkuan Intarapanit. He was an engineer, building and designing homes and buildings most of his life. He’s so damn good at his job; a highly-respected man in the region.

He got into farming later in his life because it had always been his dream.

Suan Isan Kiew means the green land of the North East (of Thailand). My grandfather’s vision back then was to make this piece of land green and abundant amid the drought and heat of the region. After several experiments and researches of what to plant and what will withstand the weather, Cashew trees were the answer. He accomplished his mission. After his passing, my aunt, Arunya Intarapanit, took on the farm business.

Cashew trees are strong trees. We harvest cashew nuts in summer and process them organically in the farm till we get the final products, which are full, big, naturally flavorful nuts.

My aunt Tipjutha, Cashew Thai head chef, also got inspiration from our cashew nuts and the farm when she named the restaurant.

I tested cashew nuts from various places. I think my cashew nuts are the best.

*Please compost the rope, reuse the jar, and trash the label (I think it’s too small to be recycled.)

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