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Wedding Diary: Food, signs, and priorities

The food

Wedding Mind Map
Wedding Mind Map

The thought of making all food options plant-based is so tempting because it’s environmentally friendly.

But since my family and Andrew’s still consume meat and seafood, it’s necessary to address that as most of them will be there. Also, some have diet restrictions.

We ended up with 4-5 varieties of main dishes with two options of carbs. We will serve one beef dish, chicken dish, seafood dish, and vegan dish. The appetizer will be Masala Roti. I can’t remember all the food dishes that auntie told me. But I’m sure they’ll all be great.

I tell myself to be okay with things I can’t control, be flexible, and to let go. Flexibility and managing priorities are crucial if we want to make things sustainable.

The signs

It’s coming!

Initially, I didn’t plan to make any wedding signs, but was suggested by my aunt. I agreed with her that they’ll be nice little details that ensure the guests that they’re in the wedding area, not just eating food at the restaurant. I planned to handcraft the wedding signs with materials I already have at home, mixed with my coffee painting art.

But with homework deadlines and other errands, I opted for printing them out. I stopped myself from thinking too much about the resource waste of these single-use signs.

They look beautiful and I cut out the pressure.

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