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Wedding Diary: Digital invitation card

Wedding invitation card

Here’s a demo of my wedding invitation card. It’s so cute, minimal, and cozy. The finished version has the real date, time, and location on it. I don’t know how people do it these days when they plan their wedding including the invitation card. Share with me if you have experience about it – would be interesting to read. I just go with my gut and google a little bit for some guideline.

I made the card on Canva. It’s a magic tool, full of nice templates that I can scroll through all day. You can see that I try to address my sustainability values on the card by keeping them as brief as possible. Once finalized, I will send this off to the guests virtually.

A random thought I have about this whole minimal wedding theme is that, it would be cool to share about this experience with my guests who come. And by sharing, I mean I will make a QR code where they can scan it at the wedding and it will link them to this diary. This would be a great opportunity to build more awareness around low-waste lifestyle and how they can apply it to their life.

My next mission is to narrow down food and drinks options. Stay tuned!

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