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Scoop Marketplace

Scoop Marketplace: Website for a small business

  • Store overview: Scoop Marketplace is a zero-waste grocery store orginally located in Seattle, now in Kirkland. The store lets customers bring their reusable containers to scoop package-free food, home goods, and personal care products in their desire amount. Packaged products are also available in compostable or reusable packaging.
  • Project overview: I was a founding member of Scoop Marketplace with a strong interest in low-waste living and sustainability. Working at Scoop was inspiring, it also proved that sustainable living has gained much more momentum than ever before. I was a part of building the brand online presence from the ground up. With budget limitation as a startup, I optimized the existing resources to the best of my ability.
  • Technology: Wix
  • Year: 2019-2020
  • Note: This website is no longer live. The business has had a website makeover with another e-commerce platform. Therefore, the domain name is redirected to the new website.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Website development (entire site)
    • Responsive design (mobile)
Scoop Marketplace Home Page

Above: Homepage

Scoop Marketplace Homepage

Above: Homepage (Scroll to view the whole page)

  • Introduction section: Headline describing what the business is, store picture as cover image with call-to-action buttons, video and brief story of the store.
  • Product categories section (bubbles): Represents visual product categories. Category name appears once hover over the bubble.
  • Recent blog posts section: Snapshots of recent blog posts.
Scoop Marketplace Media Page

Above: Media Page (Scroll to view the whole page)

  • Description: Communicates the brand's values and seeks more media features.
  • Media logos: Link to each media feature article to build brand credibility.
Scoop Marketplace About Page

Above: About Page (Scroll to view the whole page)

  • Description: Communicates the brand's values, mission and the founder story.
Scoop Marketplace Blog Page

Above: Blog Page (Scroll to view the whole page)

Scoop Marketplace Home Page

Above: Responsive design for mobile (Scroll to view the whole page)

  • Challenge: At that time, only laptop and mobile views were available to customize on Wix, not including tablet view. But it didn't automatically create the responsive design, supposedly due to the drag-and-drop function.
  • Solution: Manually developed the mobile responsive design for every single page.