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School Project: Mindful Gifts Guide Website

Image of gift guide website homepage
Mindful Gift Guide Final Project

A glimpse of my final project of Web App class (Topic: Mindful Gifts) in the making. I compared that with my first quarter’s final project of Web Dev class (Topic: Zero Waste Nav intro site). I just love the theme and am so excited working on the content.

Image of the zero-waste app intro
Zero Waste Navigation Intro Site Final Project

It took me a while to decide what topic I wanted to focus on since there are many things happening in the world, but it finally revolved back to what I truly value – sustainability. So, I grabbed the most relevant piece of concept in that huge topic to play with – mindful gift giving.

This Web App class has helped me learn so much about the power of PHP (and the headaches) and where SQL fits in the whole frontend picture. It was fun, and yet very challenging.

Once I get to learn how to make a mobile app, I would definitely make the Zero Waste Navigation app come to live!

Let me know what you think!

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