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Popcorn | Cheap, healthy, natural, and zero waste snack

Image of popcorn (coffee paint)

I’m obsessed with bakeries. When I run out of them or am too busy to make them, I need to eat other snacks as a substitute, or else I feel anxious and lack focus.

Luckily, I found popcorn kernels in my pantry which I bought from Scoop Marketplace a while ago.

Popcorn is not my favorite but in this case, it really made my day. I put two handful kernels into a clean paper lunch bag and popped it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.

It popped beautifully and smelled amazing when I opened the bag. I topped it up with some honey and ate it all with chopsticks to avoid my hand from the stickiness. It was good with hot black coffee.

Having popcorn kernels in your pantry is a great backup if you have a sweet tooth and happen to run out of your favorite baking goods.

Popcorn kernels are cheap. Making popcorn at home is super easy, quick and package-free (If you buy them in bulk with your bag.). It’s also a versatile and healthy snack that is free from preservatives and artificial flavoring.

Quick tips I got from Stephanie, Scoop Marketplace’s owner, to flavor your popcorn, drizzle olive oil on it after popping before sprinkling your desired spices or powder (garlic powder, paprika powder, salt, etc.), then give it a good shake. .

For sweet flavored popcorn, I drizzle it with coconut oil, sprinkle coconut sugar on top and shake. Vegan, simple, and delicious.

Find your local bulk store to get popcorn kernels. Try your best to shop waste-free by using your own bag. If you live in Seattle, visit Scoop Marketplace with your own container and get as many kernels as you like!

Let’s stock up the kernels, make your own real snack without making trash!

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