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Image: Gift is holding a book sitting in front of her laptop

Build lean, clean, & green WordPress websites

I will show you how sustainable web design helps cut down your website’s carbon emissions and improve its performance.

Read how I clean up my blog

Learn from my blog

New to sustainable web design? Start here!

This brief introduction will tell you what sustainable web design is, why it matters, and how to approach it.

Kick start your sustainable web design journey

5 things you can do right now to make your WordPress website more sustainable.

Read about my journey

A three-part series about my background and how I got into sustainable web design.

Currently, I’m working on…

Improving the Repair Economy WA Website. Tricky! It’s an image-heavy site. View the project development on my portfolio.


“…Gift was fantastic to work with! I met with her a couple times to express what we wanted and she did a fantastic job building that into a reality on the website….”

Hillary Haden
Executive Director at Washington Fair Trade Coalition

“… She has proven herself to be talented, skilled, prepared, thorough, attentive, adaptable, considerate, reliable, communicative, responsible, professional, and an all-around pleasure to work with...”

Astro Pittman
Former Editor-in-Chief at The Seattle Collegian

“…Not only did she come to me with suggested changes for the website, but often times she had already done the research, drawn out a proposed plan, and even created some drafts prior to presenting her plan to me…”

Stephanie Lentz
Founder of Scoop Marketplace

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