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Green Intent: Introduction to my YouTube channel

Watch the video here:

Welcome to my YouTube channel, Green Intent. I create this channel with a couple of goals in mind:

1. I want to build more momentum to the fields that I love which are minimalism, low-waste lifestyle, and sustainability, so that I have more clarity about how I want to grow in this field.

2. As English is my second language, I want to get better at communicating, specifically impromptu speaking, presenting, discussing, and simply having a better flow of conversation with others.

The content in this channel will be about:

– Tips and hacks about how to live low-waste based on my experience.

– Resources/cool apps/cool businesses that simplify low-waste living in 2021 and onwards.

– School projects – showing how I combine sustainability with web development, which is what I’m studying.

Thank you for watching and stick around for more content 🙂

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