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Disposable Facial Rounds | The compost trouble that you can easily avoid

Image of reusable facial rounds (coffee paint)

I used to use disposable facial rounds on a daily basis without thinking that they would affect the environment. All I thought was, as they are made of 100% cotton, they must be totally compostable. I usually have light makeup on when I go to work: pressed powder, a bit of eye shadow on my eyebrows, and light lipstick. So, I used 1 or 2 rounds a day to wipe out all the makeup. That means I used about 10 rounds a week, that is 40 rounds a month, or 480 rounds a year. Errr. That’s kinda much. Now, imagine how massive the number could get if you multiply that by the number of typical women who have the same routine as I. 

It got worse when I realized that, after all these years, I had done it all wrong. Every time I used them, I tossed them in a trash can that had a mix of plastic bits and other stuff. At the end of the month, I would dump it to the apartment’s garbage can which will be taken to nowhere but the landfill. Those used wipes would never had been composted because they were in the wrong place and wrong conditions. 

It got more complicated when I learned deeper about how to compost these wipes.

First of all, although they’re made of 100% cotton without any synthetic materials, if I use them with my makeup that has any chemical ingredients, they’re not supposed to be composted. The toxins or chemicals can mess up the composter or contaminate the soil.

Second, even though I was pretty sure that I picked cosmetics and a cleansing product which, so far, never hurt my skin, it’s infeasible to really find out if all ingredients are safe for the environment.

Third, according to the composting guide in my apartment building, I shouldn’t put the used wipes into my apartment’s food and yard cart. Composting varies depending on where you live. Not every place can compost all kinds of compostable elements. So, it’s our job to read their instructions on the poster, or find out about the municipal waste program in our city.

No kidding.

Luckily, there is a way to cut down that cotton wipes composting headache – using reusable cotton rounds instead! I did some research, read reviews, and gave it a try. And it’s worth it! These reusable wipes are also made of 100% cotton. They are cute, super durable, and can last for so many years. The more you use them, the more absorbent they become. What I do is dropping some cleansing liquid on a wipe, wipe my face thoroughly, then wash the wipe with soap, rinse, and hang dry. At the end of the week, I throw them into my laundry pile and do routine laundry for a proper cleaning. 

I have used the reusable rounds for almost a year now and never regretted my decision. I have been able to cut down loads of disposable wipes that might be otherwise too difficult to get composted correctly or never get composted at all. All I want to tell you is, after you finish your old supply, get yourself a set of reusable facial rounds. There is no reason to wait 🙂


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