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Day#28: Stack Overflow – get your questions answered

In order to solve programming problems, we Google often. In most cases, people have the same problems we have before. The answers are all around the internet, as long as we search with the right keywords. 

Stack Overflow is one of the best places where we can get answers to our questions, post new questions if the problem is unique, edit or comment on other answers if needed, vote up or down to the answers, and much more.

Here is what it looks like when someone posted a question. You can vote for the question and the answer, bookmark the question, and check other comments following the answer.

Image: Stack Overflow how-it-work page
Stack Overflow – question and answer

Besides finding answers for our questions, Stack Overflow offers:

  • Blogs – about all things programming, including podcasts, articles, newsletter, trending technology, and company announcements. One example of a blog article is What’s so great about Go?
  • Team integration – knowledge sharing for a team environment. Teams can integrate Stack Overflow with tools like Slack, GitHub, and more.
  • Job board – a large hub for finding jobs and hiring people.

I’m super thankful to this community. It has helped me solve several coding issues, which gives me a big relief. It’s also an important reminder that there will be solutions for all problems and I’m not alone in trying to overcome them.

What’s your experience with Stack Overflow so far?

This is day#28 post and a part of my commitment to spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days straight to write about software development tools that I love. My goal is to build my daily writing habit and connect to more people. This project is inspired by @dickiebush ’s “Ship 30 for 30” Atomic Essays. 

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