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Day#20: GitHub – the way we weave the code

I learned about GitHub in the very first quarter of my program (I study Programming AAS-T). Then I learned more about it and used it in my projects and group projects in later quarters. Although I haven’t yet optimized many of its features, I could tell that it’s a brilliant tool that makes team collaboration and version control easier. 

The main features of GitHub that I use:

  • Version control – it keeps track of all the changes we make with our code
  • Collaborative coding – it lets the team contribute to a project efficiently through branches and pull request features. 
  • Website hosting – it can host our websites/projects without us buying a domain name or find other hosts for presenting the projects. We can also share it with anyone to view on their browser. This is an example of my group project hosted on GitHub (best viewed on laptop). The URL may be a little messy, but it doesn’t matter much in this case because it’s a school project.

Here is the completed team project when we first learned about how to create a branch, pull request, review, comment, and merge the branch. It’s a super fun and creative project that no one in the team knew how the story would end – just rolled with it. 

The Tale - GitHub team project
The Tale – team project using branches and pull requests

And this is some part of my contribution.

The Tale - my contribution in GitHub team project
The Tale – My contribution in GitHub team project

What was so challenging for beginners like most of us trying to learn about it while studying online was communication. We each had a different pace in understanding the whole process. Gladly, our instructors demonstrated to us really well and GitHub has a great documentation and tutorials.

I expect to learn more about GitHub when I get further in my education or use it to keep track of my projects’ versions. It’s exciting to think about what else this tool can help us work more effectively.  

How do you use GitHub and what’s your opinion about it so far? Please share!

This is day#20 post and a part of my commitment to spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days straight to write about software development tools that I love. My goal is to build my daily writing habit and connect to more people. This project is inspired by @dickiebush ’s “Ship 30 for 30” Atomic Essays. 

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