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Day#15: Custom Twitter Feeds – show TW feeds on your site

What we see on some news websites or blogs, besides news and articles, are social media feeds, especially Twitter. I work at the Seattle Collegian, student-run newspaper, as a web manager. Our news site has facebook and twitter feeds on the right bar of the homepage. 

One time, the Twitter feeds disappeared from the homepage. I thought I might happen to delete it when I cleared unused plugins. It was easy to find a good plugin to place the feeds back fortunately. Custom Twitter Feeds, by Smash Balloon, was the one I chose as it seems to have the highest ratings and great reviews.

Here’s how it looks on the homepage.

Custom Twitter Feeds on homepage
Custom Twitter Feeds on homepage

What I like about this plugin are:

  • Easy to configure – You can customize what you want to show up on the feed (e.g. author name, avatar image, retweeted texts, ‘Load more’ button, etc.)
  • Turns links to Twitter cards – I like this one. The link that you include in your tweet, this plugin will show it as a twitter card. It helps your twitter feed pop and somehow more attractive than just seeing a plain link. 
  • It allows interactions – Users can like, retweet, and reply with your tweets on your homepage without being redirected to Twitter.

Originally, I didn’t use Twitter and wasn’t aware much of its impacts on the online presence of an organization. But once I started using it, I realized the power of it and why people like using it so much. 

Do you like to show social media feeds on your website? Do you have a good plugin for that yet? If you use Custom Twitter Feeds plugin, what do you like about it?

This is day#15 post and a part of my commitment to spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days straight to write about software development tools that I love. My goal is to build my daily writing habit and connect to more people. This project is inspired by @dickiebush ’s “Ship 30 for 30” Atomic Essays. 

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