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Beauty at the Beach

Image of Kathy Picos
Kathy Picos

When it comes to drawing, one of my favourite things to draw is women’s bodies. Something is mesmerising about those curves, corners, and anatomy that attracts me to explore and reflect them with my pencil.

Here is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen on Instagram, Kathy PicosYes, I’m talking purely about her physical appearance, I don’t know about her personality. I followed her for a while, while I used to exercise a lot. One day, I came across this picture of her at Miami Beach, Florida. She is such a beauty. Her flawless skin, perfect butt, and her muscle blew me away. This is the type of body I adore. Her shape tells you how hard she has tried to workout to own that body and how well she has taken care of her diet. I couldn’t wait to see how I would interpret her beauty through my drawing.

Image of the first draft
First Draft
Image of the second draft
Second Draft

As it is just a 2.5″ x 2.5″ picture, I didn’t draw grid lines on my drawing paper. I didn’t even print out the picture, I drew from my iPhone. On the first draft, you can see that I was pretty struggling at balancing her hip and butt. There was an angle that I couldn’t figure out. Also, the strips of her top that embracing around her back somehow seemed to shortened her height. Another reason was I didn’t draw her body long enough since the first place. That was a mistake.

So, I took off her bikini on the second draft, both pieces. I felt better about it. Then I tried to fix her butt and add more details on her hair, fingers, back muscle, and her feet. My least favourite thing was trying to make her hair look natural. I’m never a fan of shading as you may realise. Things that I found out most difficult to draw, apart from her hair and her butt, were her feet. I drew and erased several times before I could get them right. Bare feet are always challenging to draw. That’s why I was glad that she didn’t show off her hands so much.

Image of the third draft
Third Draft
Image of the forth draft

Now comes to the background, I was happy that the background in the picture was not complicated. There was a way to simplify it. On the final stage, I darkened my sketch, finished my shading and made sure that nothing else shined brighter that she did. However, the background of those rocks, sea, buildings, and trees would help enrich the vibe around this gorgeous young lady on a sunny day in Florida.

Image of the Kathy Picos (completed)

I love it every time I look at this drawing. I feel sexy. I feel beautiful even though my body is not anything close to hers. My purposes for drawing her are to represent a woman’s beauty in my way and to share my inspiration to the world. Have you drawn any attractive lady at all? Tell me about it 🙂

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